Housing developments covering a broad spectrum have provided, since the founding of the practice, commissions of a stimulating and diverse nature.

In the private sector, appointments have ranged from prestigious individual dwelling houses to major projects for both family occupation and retirement homes throughout East Anglia and the South.  In the public sector the practice is well versed in the procedures for Central and Local Authority funding and has continuing associations with Local and National Housing Associations.

Our range of experience also embraces general needs accommodation, sheltered housing, hostels, refuges and other special category homes, catering for both mentally and physically disabled residents.


1  The Thomas House
    Architect : RH Partnership
    Client :  -

2  Rawlyn Court Refurbishment
    Architect : Cambridge City Architects
    Client : Cambridge City Council

3  Wakelins
    Architect : James Gorst Architects
    Client : -







         4  Abbeyfield
            Architect : Bland, Brown & Cole
            Client : Abbeyfield Vietnamese
                       Housing Society

         5  Uplands
             Architect : Freeland Rees Roberts
             Client :  -

         6  Covent Garden, Cambridge
             Architect : Nicholas Ray Associates
             Client :  -

           Sherriff Tiplady Associates Ltd