Research and development

Research and development buildings for our private industrial clients are an area of work that has been in our portfolio for many years now. 

This encompasses laboratories of many kinds including chemistry, physics, genetics and biochemistry for both the University and many local private sector firms.

All the buildings in this group have been, by nature, highly serviced with a large percentage of the total cost contained in the mechanical and electrical services installations. 

Our practice has been responsible for the successful overall cost control of these complex projects.



1, 2  The Technology Partnership
Architect : Bland, Brown & Cole
Client : TTP Group Plc

3, 4  Spillers
Architect : RH Partnership
Client : Spillers Foods

5  Institute of Astronomy
Architect : Annand & Mustoe
Client : Cambridge University

6, 7  BP Institute
Architect : Cowper Griffith Architects
Client : Cambridge University




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